Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage in Large Home

The home owners are friends of our franchise owners and we were their first call when they arrived home to the horrific scene. They came home and a pipe had busted in their attic. The damage covered nearly half of the rooms in the home. Luckily SERVPRO was there to help!

2.5 Story Home with Water Damage

This home was affected after a deep freeze and a pipe froze and busted while the homeowners were out of town. The damage was fairly significant. We did a lot of tear out and a lot of drying. 

Water Damage from 2nd Story Bathroom

The lower level of this home was affected by a busted water line in upstairs bathroom. We had to remove a large area of the ceiling downstairs to ensure dry out was completed properly.

Leaking toilet

We went out to property because the home owner believed that had a leak and needed some dry out. Upon arrival we discovered the toilet had been leaking for some time and floor joist were saturated.

Flooded Home

This had major water issues inside her home. The water was about eighteen inches deep inside her home, affecting all the items on or near the floor and her furniture.

Water loss from busted hot water heater

This apartment was empty at the time but the hot water busted affecting most of the property. We were able to get the mitigation done quickly and the customer was pleased.