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Looking to save your hardwood floors?

Ashely Mercer of SERVPRO of Wayne County demonstrates how our mat floor drying system is used to extract water.  Insurance agents and adjusters, in attendance,  were unaware this service was available to them versus having to replace the homeowners entire floor.

We are able to use the may drying system to effectively extract water from your beautiful hardwood floors saving you the hassle of new floors and money

Water damage can cause discolored ceilings

If rain finds its way into your home’s roof, the result is usually somewhere on the ceiling below the problem spot. Water either runs down or drips and eventually lands on the upper surface of the ceiling, which is typically either drywall or plaster. There it pools and spreads until it finds a place to continue its downward journey. With drywall, that place is often a seam between the ceiling’s panels. If the ceiling is plaster, the water usually just builds up until it saturates the surface enough to leak straight through. If you notice this in your home, call SERVPRO of Wayne County. We can send our experienced technicians to inspect and determine if remediation is needed. 

Will it clean?

From her grandmother's kitchen to hers, this collection recently sustained damage in a kitchen fire. Feeling hopeless, our customer was not sure that we would be able to restore it to preloss condition but we did and she couldn't be happier!

Celebrating April birthdays!!

Our franchise owner, Charlene Turner is serving cake to our employees as we celebrate our employees for the month of April. Our employees are very important to the every day operation of our business and we sincerely appreciate all they do! 

24/7 Emergency Response Team

An emergency loss is not waiting for anyone so why should you? Call us at 919-751-5353 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we will make it "Like it never even happened."

Valentine's Day Employee Appreciation breakfast

We LOVE our employees! They take great pride in their work and are exceptional with our customers and we couldn't do it without them! It is important to us to that they know just how appreciated they are!

Water Damage from Winter Storm

This home was affected by a busted water line in the attic. Several rooms had damage and a lot of tear out had to take place. We were able to minimize the chance of mold growth by getting in and doing mitigation in a timely manner.

Mold Found After Water Damage Went Unseen

The particular home was being used only a few times out of the year due to the home owner having another home in a different state so the water damage sat for several days or weeks possibly before we were contacted.

Mold throughout EMS Station

The county manager called us out to do an estimate for mold remediation at their local EMS Station. There was mold in several different rooms and surfaces. We were able to get the job and do the remediation. 

House Fire on Second Story

This home caught fire just hours after the home owners set out for vacation. They never expected to get a call that the home was on fire. The structural damage was contained on the second floor but soot was through out. We were able to begin mitigating the damaged material and removed the contents. We had the contents brought to our location where they were cleaned and stored until the home was back to livable condition. 

Water Damage in Large Home

The home owners are friends of our franchise owners and we were their first call when they arrived home to the horrific scene. They came home and a pipe had busted in their attic. The damage covered nearly half of the rooms in the home. Luckily SERVPRO was there to help!

Winter Storm Damage

This home suffered water damage after a winter storm kept temps below freezing for numerous days. They had a pipe freeze and bust in their attic causing water damage on all stories.  

Church Water Mitigation

We called out to this church to complete water mitigation. Several rooms in the church were affected by water. The tear out was extensive and took several days. We did our best to get the sanctuary back in usable order as quickly as possible. 

2.5 Story Home with Water Damage

This home was affected after a deep freeze and a pipe froze and busted while the homeowners were out of town. The damage was fairly significant. We did a lot of tear out and a lot of drying. 

Rest Home Fire

We were called out to clean soot in the rest home's kitchen. We cleaned walls, ceilings, equipment and additional contents. We also had minor painting to do. We were able to work around their schedule and go in during the evening to avoid inconveniencing the kitchen staff.  

Soot Damage in home

This home had heavy soot through out. We cleaned several rooms of contents. We also cleaned and painted the structure and removed and replaced all affected flooring. We were able to complete the entire process in a timely manner and restore the home to preloss condition.

Mold present at local Doctor's office

This was a wall covered in mold at a local doctor's office. They were doing some rearranging and moved credenza to find the mold on the wall and the credenza. We went out and completed the removal and remediation.

Water Damage from 2nd Story Bathroom

The lower level of this home was affected by a busted water line in upstairs bathroom. We had to remove a large area of the ceiling downstairs to ensure dry out was completed properly.

Leaking toilet

We went out to property because the home owner believed that had a leak and needed some dry out. Upon arrival we discovered the toilet had been leaking for some time and floor joist were saturated.

Church with water damage

This church had a busted water line that caused quite a bit of water damage. We had to pull the flooring up and remove a large amount of sheet rock to ensure drying was sufficient. 

Water Damage on local restaurant

This restaurant is located down town in an older building. They had a pipe to bust and cause pretty significant water damage. We got in as quickly as possible but it was still a set back for them.

Mold in home

This homeowner is in the military and had been deployed for some time and upon return to her home she found that she had mold in several areas. We came and assessed the situation to help her get it straightened out.

Flooded Home

This had major water issues inside her home. The water was about eighteen inches deep inside her home, affecting all the items on or near the floor and her furniture.

Flooding from Hurricane Matthew

This home suffered from standing water after Hurricane Matthew. The entire lower level had to have flood cuts half way up the wall and all insulation removed to begin drying. It was a tall order but we got it under control.

Storm Damage at a local insurance office

This insurance office had some flash flooding after Hurricane Matthew causing some issues and eventually mold was one of them. The mold went unseen because it was located behind several filing cabinets. The mold was actually much worse than we originally thought. 

Upstairs Fire

This property caught fire while the home owner was out of town affecting primarily upstairs but had soot damage throughout. We went in and removed all contents for cleaning and cleaned soot from the unaffected structure.

Home overtaken by mold

We went out to the property to assess the mold situation and we were very surprised at how much mold was present. Because of the shear volume of mold present we contacted an industrial hygienist for his expert opinion.

Biohazard clean up for local Housing Authority

We were called out to do biohazard clean up at a property for the local housing authority. We cleaned the entire property. The renter was found deceased in the property after some time. We ran a specialized piece of equipment to remove any existing odor and ensured the property was safe for another renter.

Water loss from busted hot water heater

This apartment was empty at the time but the hot water busted affecting most of the property. We were able to get the mitigation done quickly and the customer was pleased.

Fire Loss

This fire started when a neighboring apartment caught from their grill and spread to their apartment. The entire ceiling collapsed throughout the apartment. The damage was extensive but the situation could have been much worse.

Water Loss

This water loss occurred after a pipe busted in home of the facility's housing cabins, after our state experienced sub freezing temperatures for several days. We were able to get on site quickly and minimize damage.

Commercial Building affected by Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew devastated so much of North Carolina. Some got very lucky and others lost all they had. It times like these that you realize just how GREAT the community you live in is! 

Got Mold?

Mold is an issue for a lot of people and most people believe it can we wiped with a little bleach and proof it's gone, but that is certainly not how it works. Generally speaking if you have mold then there is an underlying issue as to what is causing it and it is very important to let the professionals help you find the issue, fix it and treat the problem to prevent future issue and ensure that your home is safe. We work hand in hand with industrial hygienists to be sure we are helping you and your family stay safe.  

Kitchen Fire in Goldsboro, NC

This damage was the result a fire that originated in the kitchen. When our team arrived the house was covered with smoke and soot. The owner was so happy that we arrived quickly and was able to restore their home and belongings. 

2017 Wayne County Fire Princess Pageant

Stephanie Lack, SMR for SERVPRO of Wayne County, is pictured with the recently crowned 2017 Wayne County Fire Princess, a pageant that she has directed for many years. This pageant was developed as a way to teach our community about fire prevention and fire safety.  Each talent has to be fire prevention and fire safety related and the contestants must answer an onstage question related to the same. 

House fire cleanup

Meet Melinda. She is a member of our cleaning team. She is cleaning a home damaged by a fire that started in the kitchen. Because the smoke travels quickly, the entire home needed to be cleaned with our special sponges and chemicals to remove the damage from the walls and their belongings. Our teams are highly trained and certified at removing smoke and soot from a fire damaged home. We are FASTER TO ANY DISASTER and will make your home "Like it never even happened." 

Storm Cleanup Team Returns Home!

After 3+ weeks of Hurricane Irma disaster clean-up in Georgia, your local SERVPRO team has returned home!


Pictured left to right: Ezequiel Roman, Alex Viera, Tony Turner ( owner ), Ken Johnson 

SERVPRO of Wayne County at Wayne County B2B

SERVPRO of Wayne County's Greg Kearney & Mike Tribula with American Red Cross Volunteer, Jerry Phillips, at the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce Annual Business 2 Business Expo in Goldsboro, NC 8/31/2017.