Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage from Winter Storm

This home was affected by a busted water line in the attic. Several rooms had damage and a lot of tear out had to take place. We were able to minimize the chance of mold growth by getting in and doing mitigation in a timely manner.

Winter Storm Damage

This home suffered water damage after a winter storm kept temps below freezing for numerous days. They had a pipe freeze and bust in their attic causing water damage on all stories.  

Flooding from Hurricane Matthew

This home suffered from standing water after Hurricane Matthew. The entire lower level had to have flood cuts half way up the wall and all insulation removed to begin drying. It was a tall order but we got it under control.

Storm Damage at a local insurance office

This insurance office had some flash flooding after Hurricane Matthew causing some issues and eventually mold was one of them. The mold went unseen because it was located behind several filing cabinets. The mold was actually much worse than we originally thought. 

Commercial Building affected by Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew devastated so much of North Carolina. Some got very lucky and others lost all they had. It times like these that you realize just how GREAT the community you live in is! 

Storm Cleanup Team Returns Home!

After 3+ weeks of Hurricane Irma disaster clean-up in Georgia, your local SERVPRO team has returned home!


Pictured left to right: Ezequiel Roman, Alex Viera, Tony Turner ( owner ), Ken Johnson