Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Found After Water Damage Went Unseen

The particular home was being used only a few times out of the year due to the home owner having another home in a different state so the water damage sat for several days or weeks possibly before we were contacted.

Mold throughout EMS Station

The county manager called us out to do an estimate for mold remediation at their local EMS Station. There was mold in several different rooms and surfaces. We were able to get the job and do the remediation. 

Mold present at local Doctor's office

This was a wall covered in mold at a local doctor's office. They were doing some rearranging and moved credenza to find the mold on the wall and the credenza. We went out and completed the removal and remediation.

Mold in home

This homeowner is in the military and had been deployed for some time and upon return to her home she found that she had mold in several areas. We came and assessed the situation to help her get it straightened out.

Home overtaken by mold

We went out to the property to assess the mold situation and we were very surprised at how much mold was present. Because of the shear volume of mold present we contacted an industrial hygienist for his expert opinion.

Got Mold?

Mold is an issue for a lot of people and most people believe it can we wiped with a little bleach and proof it's gone, but that is certainly not how it works. Generally speaking if you have mold then there is an underlying issue as to what is causing it and it is very important to let the professionals help you find the issue, fix it and treat the problem to prevent future issue and ensure that your home is safe. We work hand in hand with industrial hygienists to be sure we are helping you and your family stay safe.