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7 Unusual Home Security Tips

10/16/2017 (Permalink)

The best way to prepare for a burglary is to prevent it from happening. Here are some unusual methods to help keep you and your family safe-

1. Use dowel rods in sliding glass door tracks. If a burglar manages to get the sliding door unlocked, this will prevent them from sliding it open.

2. Move your alarm key pad to an unusual place. Most homeowners have them by the front or back door because it's convenient. However, potential burglars can look in and see if it's alarmed or not. By moving it to an unusual place, it can trick the potential burglar in thinking you do not have one.

3. Use as key lock box. Most homeowners leave a spare key in common places. By using a lock box, your spare set is just a quick combination away and is protected.

4. Don't take Mother Nature for granted. Use thorny bushes as a home defense system. By planting them under windows, it would make it difficult for someone to crawl through them safely. 

5. Don't hide valueables in the master bedroom. That is the first place to look! Move your valuables to another room like a child's room where someone would not think to look.

6. Get a decoy safe. Buy a small decoy safe. They will be more likely to run off with a decoy safe full of fake valuables than to continue looking. 

7. Keep your car keys with you. Most key fobs have a panic button. If you hear or see someone trying to break in, hit the panic button. The last thing a burglar wants is to rob a noisy house. Most likely they will discontinue their efforts

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